Measure the impact ofyour influencer marketing

You can't manage what you don't measure. Taking your influencer content to the next level requires rich analytics for you to spot insights. Fabulate's analytics suite is the perfect tool to help you drastically improve Ā your results.

53%of marketers say measurement is their main challengeĀ¹. Fabulate gives you the tools to compare your influencer marketing results across platform.

Empower your campaigns with data-driven decisions. No more guesswork, just informed choices. Effortlessly compare, analyses, and list potential influencersā€”finding the perfect fit for your campaign goals has never been easier.

Analytics connects with the wider Fabulate platform. Keep them safe and locked away in the Fabulate Vault.


Track your campaign results against influencer engagement results in Fabulate Discovery.


Monitor key metrics and statistics for your brand with your personal influencer relationship manager, essentially a CRM tailored for creators.


Seamlessly add live links to analytics directly from your campaign workflow. Maintain are cord of live content and connect it to outcomes.

Donā€™t take our word for it

"Fabulate made everything simple. Not only was the content easy to manage, but it delivered against our goals! We saw a significant increase across all metrics and our content continues to drive leads today - long after their initial publishing date. By connecting production and distribution together it makes it very easy to get campaigns live and start driving results."

Amy Stafford - Marketing Manager, Stockland

"Fabulate is changing the game when it comes to influencer marketing, by not only streamlining communications, production and distribution but providing technology that allows creators to be easily accessible to some of Australia and New Zealand's leading brands and agencies."

Clare Winterbourn - Founder, Born Bred Talent

"Fabulate has been an invaluable tool as we ramp up our influencer offering in the Australian market. Offering scalability, flexibility and complete control, Reprise are now winning briefs off the back of presenting Fabulate as our exclusive influencer platform solution. Our team is more motivated than ever and love having a project management tool that enables them to execute more campaigns in less timeā€.

Jessica White - CEO, Reprise Australia

ā€œFabulate's technology, tools, and process has allowed us to streamline our approach to influencer campaigns, while protecting the most important relationships we hold with talent and their management. Our team can focus on the more important work of relationship-building while Fabulate helps us take care of everything else seamlesslyā€œ.

Drew Collins - Head of Social and Influencer, Edelman Australia

ā€œBoth Day Mgmt and Next of Kin Mgmt have had great success working with Fabulate to deliver exceptional campaigns for brands and agencies. The communication has always been seamless, and we've felt incredibly supported throughout the journey."

Genevieve Day - Founder, Day Management

Fabulate Analyitcs FAQs

What metrics can you track on the Analytics dashboard?

On the Analytics dashboard, you can track a variety of metrics that provide a comprehensive view of your content's performance. These include views, likes, comments, shares, and engagement rate, which are all collated from publicly available data. Additionally, utilising data from within the Fabulate platform, we are able to calculate cost per engagement (CPE) and cost per view (CPV), giving you deeper insights into the efficiency of your investments.

Can you aggregate platform reports?

Yes, you can aggregate your reports to obtain a unified view of all your activities across platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Additionally, you have the option to filter these reports separately, allowing for an individualised view of each platform's activity, enabling you to tailor your analysis and strategic decisions.

Can I share dashboards with others?

Yes, you can share dashboards with others within your organisation by adding members from your workspace. Additionally, you have the option to include guests, allowing them to view the dashboards while automatically omitting sensitive details such as pricing information. This functionality ensures that you can maintain control over the information shared, while still collaborating effectively with external partners or stakeholders.

Can I export reports into other formats?

You can export your reports into other formats with just a few clicks. Reports can be downloaded as XLS or PDF files, facilitating easy sharing with clients or internal stakeholders. This feature ensures that you can access and distribute your data conveniently and efficiently.

Can I custom brand dashboards?

Yes, you can customise the branding of your dashboards, including colours and logos, to align them more closely with your brand identity. To learn how to tailor your workspace to reflect your brand, please speak to your Fabulate contact. They will guide you through the process and help ensure your dashboards perfectly represent your organisation.

CanĀ IĀ track Instagram stories?

The capability to track Instagram stories will be available soon. Keep an eye on our updates for when this feature goes live, enabling you to gain insights into your Instagram stories' performance.

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