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A comprehensive influencer marketing platform that simplifies the process of finding talent, cultivating your brand's community, and measuring the return on your investment, all through a single, user-friendly interface.

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Save time, resources and effort with the Fabulate platform.

The Fabulate platform streamlines content creation and distribution by combining discovery, outreach, workflow, analytics, payments, and distribution in one tool, enabling teams to produce quality content more efficiently.

Make influencer discovery and outreach a breeze

Dive into rich data sets of more than 200m+ influencer profiles worldwide. Analyse creator content, audience following and more. Create shortlists, organise and compare influencers for seamless outreach and negotiation.
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Send personalised influencer outreach emails at scale.

Tired of copying and pasting the same email over and over? Fabulate’s Outreach tool makes it easy by auto inserting creator names and details into your mass email communication. Track open rates and auto set reminders to creators.
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Manage deliverables, stake holders and approvals

Fabulate saves you time by consolidating all messaging within a single application. Easily monitor deadlines and manage team activities, ensuring you never overlook a due date or deadline again.
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Measure the impact of your influencer marketing

You can't manage what you don't measure. Taking your influencer content to the next level requires rich analytics for you to spot insights. Fabulate's analytics suite is the perfect tool to help you drastically improve your results.
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Reach new audiences through paid distribution

Amplify your content’s reach through the Fabulate platform by boosting it across digital, social, Connected TV (CTV),and digital out-of-home (dOOH) advertising channels. Reach a more precise audience while enhancing engagement with your brand’s content.
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“Fabulate's technology, tools, and process has allowed us to streamline our approach to influencer campaigns, while protecting the most important relationships we hold with talent and their management. Our team can focus on the more important work of relationship-building while Fabulate helps us take care of everything else seamlessly."

Drew Collins – Head of Social and Influencer, Edelman Australia

Fabulate Platform FAQs

How many influencers do you have data for on the Fabulate platform?

Fabulate provides marketers with unparalleled access to an expansive database of over 200 million influencers across key social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. By eliminating the need for time-consuming manual searches, our platform empowers marketing professionals with the ability to swiftly filter through a global pool of influencers. This ensures access to precise, current data essential for making informed decisions about potential collaborations. With this rich source of influencer insights at their fingertips, marketers can efficiently pinpoint and engage with the ideal influencers, optimising their campaigns and achieving better engagement rates with their target audiences.

How does Fabulate streamline the creator outreach process?

Fabulate Outreach revolutionises the way marketers connect with creators by seamlessly integrating creator profile details with their corresponding email accounts. With an impressive match rate of between 44% and 66% across various platforms, this feature enables marketing teams to send bulk, customizable emails without the tedious process of manual copying, pasting, and the associated risk of errors.

Within the Outreach tool, marketers can leverage advanced mail merge capabilities, allowing for the personalisation of key details in each email, while managing these communications on a large scale. This approach ensures that messages are tailored and relevant to each creator, enhancing the likelihood of engagement and response.

Moreover, Fabulate Outreach promotes organizational efficiency by centralizing all outreach efforts into a single group inbox. This strategy ensures that communications are not siloed within individual email accounts, facilitating a cohesive and collaborative outreach process. The ability to monitor open rates and responses provides valuable insights, enabling marketers to refine and optimise their outreach strategies for maximum effectiveness.

Once a creator engagement is negotiated, the integration with the Fabulate platform streamlines the contracting process. This seamless transition from initial contact to formal agreement simplifies the administrative workload, allowing marketing teams to focus on building strong, productive relationships with creators.

How can Fabulate help me with approvals, revisions, contracting and payment?

Fabulate harnesses a sophisticated workflow management system, specifically designed to streamline the collaboration between marketers and creators or their representatives. This system facilitates the management of an extensive array of deliverables within a user-friendly workroom environment, making it simpler for marketing teams to handle numerous tasks and projects simultaneously. One of the standout features includes advanced tracking tools for client feedback and revisions. The platform offers a dynamic social mock-up tool, which allows users to provide precise feedback and preview how the content will appear in its intended environment.

Contracting on Fabulate is both straightforward and efficient, with the platform automatically generating contracts tailored to your campaign's brief and specific requirements. These contracts are backed by Fabulate's comprehensive terms and conditions, to which creators digitally consent at each login and at the start of every project, ensuring full legal coverage for your brand.

The invoicing process on Fabulate is equally streamlined. Brands receive a single, itemised invoice for simplicity, while the platform takes care of distributing payments to creators. This system includes an escrow service, wherein payments made to Fabulate are securely held until you authorise their release to the creators. Furthermore, the platform accommodates payments in your preferred currency, ensuring a smooth and efficient transfer to the creator’s chosen payment account.

By addressing the entire workflow from approvals and revisions to contracting and payments, Fabulate offers a comprehensive solution that not only saves time but also enhances the efficiency of campaign management for marketers. This integration of services allows marketing teams to focus on what truly matters – creating impactful content and forging meaningful connections with their audience.

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