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Passionate about content creation? Use your distinctive style and creativity to assist your favourite brands in sharing their stories. Plus, creators pay no fees for any projects completed on the Fabulate platform.

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Dedicated to supporting creators

Our network is designed to empower and uplift creators, providing them with the tools and resources they need to succeed. Our clients will never ask creators to produce content prior to selection. Need help? Contact local support in your region.

Talent agency representing creators? Fabulate does not disintermediate talent and agency

We respect the relationship between you and your talent. Our unique tools allow you to manage your talent's business opportunities without requiring them to join our platform. We'll never disintermediate your relationship, ensuring that you can maintain the connection and trust you've built with your talent.

Hassle free onboarding of your creator roster

At Fabulate, we value your time. That's why we auto ingest important details for your creators, like audience size and links to past work, during the on boarding process. This way, you can focus on what you do best - managing your talent.

Super charge your agency with powerful tools

Say goodbye to juggling multiple systems and hello to a streamlined, stress-free process. With our dedicated talent manager dashboard, you can access all the tools you need in one convenient location - including unique boosting tools you can commercialise.

Great brands and great briefs

When you work with us, you can expect quality briefs from professional marketers. So you can concentrate on delivering great work.

Tools for managing
influencers, designed
specifically for talent

Our free talent management portal centralizes talent recordsfor easy access to key details, ensuring no loss of valuableinformation and easy sharing within your business.

“Both Day Mgmt and Next of Kin Mgmt have had great success working with Fabulate to deliver exceptional campaigns for brands and agencies. The communication has always been seamless, and we've felt incredibly supported throughout the journey.“

Genevieve Day, Founder Day MGMT

Say goodbye to manual invoicing –automatically pay creators from within Fabulate

Usethe rich insights to learn everything there is to know about each creator tomake informed decisions about partners for your brand.

Fabulate Creator FAQs

Fabulate is free for creators?

Absolutely, Fabulate operates on a creator-friendly model, ensuring that you, as an influencer or content creator, can sign up and collaborate with brands without any cost to you. We believe in empowering creators, which is why we do not take any commission from the fees you earn for your content. Our platform is designed to facilitate seamless collaborations, offering you the freedom to engage with brands and create content under terms that respect your creativity and financial independence.

Our revenue model is client-focused, meaning we charge brands and agencies for access to our discovery tools, workflow management systems, and in-depth analytics features. This approach allows us to provide a comprehensive suite of services to clients while maintaining a free and accessible platform for creators. By charging clients for these premium services, we can support the operational and development costs of the platform without impacting creators financially.

We believe in building a community where creators can thrive without the burden of fees or commissions diminishing their earnings. Our goal is to foster a vibrant ecosystem where your creative talents are valued and rewarded, and where you can grow your professional opportunities without financial barriers.

Do I need to authenticate my social profile?

No, authenticating your account with Fabulate isn't compulsory, but it does come with several significant advantages, especially for influencers like yourself. By authenticating, you're essentially verifying that your account is directly connected to you, which greatly reduces the risk of impersonation or fraud. This step adds a layer of security and credibility to your profile, reassuring potential collaborators and followers alike.

For those creators represented by talent agencies, authentication serves as a verification that you are indeed associated with your claimed agency. It prevents others from falsely claiming representation by your agency, ensuring that your professional relationships are protected and clearly communicated on our platform.

It's important to note that during the authentication process, we do not request any publishing rights to your profile, and we guarantee that we never will.

Do I need to send clients an invoice?

Not at all, that's something we take care of for you. Once you've been commissioned by a brand through Fabulate, we streamline the payment process by automatically generating an invoice on behalf of the brand, as well as a corresponding bill ensuring you get paid. Our system is designed to negotiate payment terms with each brand upfront, aiming to secure quicker and fairer payment schedules for you, the creator. What's more, we proactively manage the follow-up on payments, relieving you of the burden of chasing down fees owed to you—another significant advantage of being a part of the Fabulate community.

After the client settles the payment, we securely hold the funds in escrow for you. This adds an extra layer of security to the payment process, ensuring that your earnings are safely kept until the client verifies the completion of the job. Upon their confirmation, we promptly release the funds into your designated creator account.

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