Automate your creator recruitment, onboard and management.

Influencer outreach involves a lot of trial and error. The Fabulate Outreach tool makes your job easier by saving you time and effort, allowing you to reach out to hundreds of creators effortlessly.

59% of brands say engaging with influencers is a challenge. Fabulate is here to change that.

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Outreach connects
directly to
Fabulate Discovery

Easily identify, analyse the data of each influencer
and build prospects lists ofpotential influencer
outreaches – while working seamlessly together with teammembers.  

Influencer Outreach has never been easier. Unlock Fabulate’s market leading tools.

Easily add prospect lists to your Outreach campaigns

Incorporate influencers into your outreach campaign by selecting them from a Prospect List and utilizing matched email records. Missing contact details? You can add additional email records to your outreach manually.

Automate your outreach, without losing authenticity

Utilize mail-merge features to scale your outreach whilst maintaining personalization.  

Create custom templates featuring your branding

Buildout and save custom outreach templates feature your own converting copy. Need help? Select from a library of Fabulate templates to help you get you started.

“Fabulate's technology, tools, and process has allowed us to streamline our approach to influencer campaigns, while protecting the most important relationships we hold with talent and their management. Our team can focus on the more important work of relationship-building while Fabulate helps us take care of everything else seamlessly.”

Drew Collins – Head of Social and Influencer, Edelman Australia

Fabulate Outreach FAQs

What match rate of email addresses are available within Fabulate?

Within Fabulate, the platform boasts a match rate for creator contact details, including email addresses, that ranges between 44% and 66%, varying by social media platform. This when matched with our database of 200M+ creators globally ensures that marketers have a substantial base of contacts at their disposal. Additionally, Fabulate offers the flexibility to incorporate email addresses from contacts acquired in previous campaigns outside of the platform. These added contacts are conveniently stored within your personal workspace on Fabulate, ensuring they are readily available for future reference and use.

This feature not only broadens your outreach capabilities but also provides a streamlined approach to building and managing your contact list. By consolidating these details in one accessible location, marketers can more effectively plan and execute their campaigns, ensuring they can reach a diverse range of creators to suit their specific project needs.

What mail client services can I connect to Fabulate?

At present, Fabulate offers integration with Gmail mail clients, allowing for a seamless connection that streamlines your outreach and communication processes. Outlook is a future release and will be available very soon.

Depending on your Discovery subscription level, you have the option to link multiple email addresses, enhancing your capability to manage communications efficiently from a single platform. For those looking to extend their outreach capabilities beyond the limits of their current subscription, our support team is readily available to assist. They can help you in adding more email addresses to your account, ensuring that your marketing efforts are as broad and effective as possible.

How does Outreach apply personalised details in influencer outreach emails?

Outreach is automatically connected to our Discovery database of over 200M+ creators worldwide and integrates into your prospect lists for easy sharing. This innovative matching process enables the automatic inclusion of personalised details such as Creator Names/Handles directly into your outreach emails. Additionally, it dynamically incorporates other critical information like the client name and the brief's budget. This functionality significantly minimises the risk of errors that can occur with manual copying and pasting, ensuring that the information sent to creators is accurate and tailored to them.

Moreover, this system is designed with scalability in mind, empowering you to execute outreach on a grand scale. Whether you're sending hundreds or even thousands of emails, Fabulate's platform allows you to do so with just a few clicks. This efficiency in personalisation and scalability makes it an invaluable tool for marketers aiming to conduct extensive influencer outreach campaigns. By leveraging such advanced features, marketing professionals can enhance the effectiveness of their communications, ensuring they resonate more personally with each creator and pave the way for successful collaborations.

What tracking is available when using Outreach?

Fabulate's Outreach feature offers a comprehensive tracking system that monitors opens, link clicks, replies, and unread emails, all presented within an easy-to-navigate dashboard. This dashboard not only provides you with valuable insights into the performance of your outreach emails but also enables you to program additional follow-up sends and reminders effortlessly. Once these parameters are set up, the platform automates the process, effectively doing the heavy lifting on your behalf.

This functionality is particularly beneficial for marketers, as it allows for the optimisation of email campaigns based on real-time feedback and engagement metrics. The ability to track these key indicators helps in refining your outreach strategy, ensuring that your communications are as effective as possible. Furthermore, the automation of follow-up messages and reminders increases the efficiency of your outreach efforts, freeing up valuable time that can be better spent on strategic planning and creative development.

Can I create and save templates to utilise for other Outreach campaigns?

Yes, within the Fabulate platform, you have the capability to create and save formatted templates, encompassing all aspects of your campaign's presentation, including copy, logos, imagery, and formatting. These templates are conveniently stored within the platform, making them readily accessible for use across your entire workspace. This feature is particularly advantageous for marketing teams, as it allows for the consistent and efficient rollout of campaigns, ensuring brand consistency and message coherence across all outreach efforts.

Additionally, Fabulate offers a collection of universal templates that are available to all users. This library of templates provides a valuable resource for inspiration or direct application, accommodating a wide range of campaign styles and objectives. The ability to leverage these pre-designed templates, alongside the option to create bespoke ones, equips marketing professionals with the tools necessary to execute highly effective and personalised outreach campaigns with ease.

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